Experience Your Target Language and Culture…Here!

Check out this amazing languages infographic (you statistics junkies may have to restrain yourself from staring at it for next 12 hours!).


(Image found at boredpanda.com.)

Cool, eh??!? Notice the circles in the top left representing the global population and the number of people who speak the top 23 languages? Yep. Over half the globe speaks one of those 23 languages. (All are spoken here in the U.S. by the way.) Continue reading “Experience Your Target Language and Culture…Here!”

A great post from Missiologically Thinking

churchA big part of Kingdom work is networking with other people, ministries, agencies, networks, etc. In the Guild, we place a high value on sharing resources and learning from each other. So from time to time we would like to introduce you to other ministries and resources that we feel are valuable in equipping us to reach the lost with Christ’s Good News. Here is an excellent post from J. D. Payne’s blog, Missiologically Thinking, which is in beautiful alignment with much of our thinking in the Guild. Be blessed! And feel free to visit J. D.’s blog and Follow his posts.

Reaching the World’s Most Reached People Groups

What would happen if a mission agency started advertising their mission statement as: to plant churches among the world’s most reached people groups? Continue reading “A great post from Missiologically Thinking”