An apprenticeship is a one- to two-year commitment to come alongside an incarnational team within an ethnic community to gain practical experience and preparation for the next steps of your journey. With the oversight of a Senior Mentor, we will help you develop your own Personal Development Plan to be implemented during your apprenticeship. An apprenticeship typically includes:

  • 20+ hours of learning, training, ministry and devotional activities per week
  • Potential opportunities for living with a host family from your focus people for three or more months
  • Finding a viable occupation/reason for being in the community (i.e. a part-time job, starting a business, teaching English for pay, enrolled in a University program, etc.)
  • Weekly team gatherings for prayer, worship, a meal, Bible engagement, and accountability (you will make a commitment to experiencing simple church community with your team instead of being part of a more traditional institutional church)
  • Utilizing a Learning Journal to process your experiences with your Mentor and Team Leader
  • Building relationships with your focus people in the community
  • Language and culture learning from a Language Helper that you find yourself
  • Outside training events, seminars, conferences, webinars or courses, depending on your Personal Development Plan and areas of focus




COMMUNION   Worship & Spiritual Disciplines; Prayer & Spiritual Warfare; Bible Study

CHARACTER   Transformational Ministry; Godly Communication; Enduring Hardships

COMMUNITY   Peacemaking; Singles, Marrieds & Families; Team Dynamics

COMPETENCE   Disciple Making Movements; Growth Leading to Fruitfulness; Language Acquisition & Cross-Cultural Adaptation

CONTENT   Bible Knowledge & Theology; Missiology & Islamics; Professional & Vocational Development




Relationship – Must have a consistent, genuine, obedient relationship with Jesus.

Teachability – Must be a teachable, humble, aggressive learner.

Flexibility – Must be flexible and willing to adapt to new situations, relationships, ministry approaches, cultures and lifestyles.

Endurance – Must be committed to enduring difficulties and hardships for the Kingdom.