Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 3)


By Dick Scoggins

When Dave saw that I was committed to new, innovative ways of church planting, he got me in touch with a number of his friends, and encouraged me to write them and see if they might coach and mentor me. I wrote several letters (this was long before the email era) and got a reply from only one man, George Patterson. Continue reading “Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 3)”

Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 1)


By Dick Scoggins

Looking back at my life, I can see that I would never have been able to get to the place in ministry to which God has mercifully brought me without the help of my faithful sponsors. These sponsors have acted as spiritual mentors and dear friends who have showed me what it means to follow Jesus through each phase of the journey. They have poured their lives into mine, training me and partnering with me in ministry.  They have opened up opportunities for me to minister and have sacrificially given of their finances and their time for my benefit.  The fruit of my ministry is truly the result of these devoted friends who have deeply invested into my life.

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Learning Environments for Apostolic Apprentices [part 3]

This is Part 3 in our series Learning Environments for Apostolic Apprentices.

Three Important Environments for Apostolic Apprentices

As we have trained apostolic apprentices over the years, we have seen three invaluable environments where learning must occur. In our apprentice training we try to give each apprentice substantial time in any of these environments that they have not experienced previously. We realize that they will learn much more than we can teach by being immersed in these environments.

1. Home fellowships (organic communities) [see Part 2 ]

2. Apostolic teams planting Kingdom communities

Apostolic work should result in germinating local communities of the Kingdom. But the apostolic task is broader than that Continue reading “Learning Environments for Apostolic Apprentices [part 3]”