IMMERSE yourself in an Arab Muslim community; EXPERIENCE life within the community and as part of an apostolic, incarnational disciple-making team; and BE TRANSFORMED as you allow God to work in and through you.



  • Located in the Greater Los Angeles Metropolitan Area (pop. 18+ million)
  • The central hub of the Arab Muslim community in Orange County
  • Orange County Arab population: over 24,000 (of all religions)
  • Mosques: 8 mosques within a 5 mile radius
  • Primary Arab nations represented:

    • Syria
    • Jordan
    • Palestine
    • Iraq
    • Egypt
    • Lebanon
  • Other Muslim nations represented:
    • Somalia;  Morocco;  Libya;  Saudi Arabia;  India;  Yemen;  Pakistan;  Afghanistan;  Iran


We are an incarnational, apostolic disciple making team living within the Little Arabia community.

Our Vision That all Arab Muslim peoples in Little Arabia would have an opportunity to treasure and follow Jesus within their own cultural context.

Our Mission To catalyze transformative Jesus-centered movements among the Arab Muslim peoples of Little Arabia.


  • PASSION FOR GOD AND HIS GLORY:  He alone is our supreme treasure, and we must cultivate an intimate relationship with him.

  • DEPENDENCE ON THE POWER OF GOD:  He alone transforms lives, and we must walk full of his Spirit.

  • BIBLICAL CENTRALITY AND AUTHORITY:  His written Word is our principle authority, and we must be diligent to know it and live it out of love for him.

  • EMPOWERING SERVANT-LEADERSHIP:  He lived as a servant who empowered others to lead, and we must follow his example.

  • INTERDEPENDENCE AND UNITY:  He united us all into his Body, and we must depend on each other’s giftings and abilities in order to display his fullness.

  • INCARNATIONAL LIFESTYLE:  He came and lived among us, and we must do the same among those who have yet to discover his love.

  • SIMPLE REPRODUCIBILITY AND SPIRITUAL MULTIPLICATION:  He instructed us to fill the earth and make disciples that would observe all that he commanded, and we must do so without added cultural and religious baggage.



An apprenticeship is a one- to two-year commitment to come alongside the Little Arabia Team to gain practical experience and preparation for the next steps of your journey. With the oversight of a Senior Mentor, we will help you develop your own Personal Development Plan to be implemented during your apprenticeship. An apprenticeship typically includes:

  • 20+ hours of learning, training, ministry and devotional activities per week
  • Living with an Arab Muslim host family for three or more months
  • Finding a viable occupation/reason for being in the community (i.e. a part-time job, starting a business, teaching English for pay, enrolled in a University program, etc.)
  • Weekly team gatherings for prayer, worship, a meal, Bible engagement, and accountability (you will make a commitment to experiencing simple church community with your team instead of being part of a more traditional institutional church)
  • Utilizing a Learning Journal to process your experiences with your Mentor and Team Leader
  • Language and culture learning from an Arab Muslim Language Helper that you find yourself
  • Outside training events, seminars, conferences, webinars or courses, depending on your Personal Development Plan and areas of focus



Relationship – Must have a consistent, genuine, obedient relationship with Jesus.

Teachability – Must be a teachable, humble, aggressive learner.

Flexibility – Must be flexible and willing to adapt to new situations, relationships, ministry approaches, cultures and lifestyles.

Endurance – Must be committed to enduring difficulties and hardships for the Kingdom.