Experience Your Target Language and Culture…Here!

Check out this amazing languages infographic (you statistics junkies may have to restrain yourself from staring at it for next 12 hours!).


(Image found at boredpanda.com.)

Cool, eh??!? Notice the circles in the top left representing the global population and the number of people who speak the top 23 languages? Yep. Over half the globe speaks one of those 23 languages. (All are spoken here in the U.S. by the way.)

Now look at the vertical lines at the bottom right. How many languages are spoken in the U.S.? At least 422!!! Four hundred and twenty-two. If you’re hoping to travel to the other side of the world to share the Good News of the Kingdom with those who have never heard, in a language you have yet to learn, do you think you might just find folks here who speak it? And maybe they can teach you it? And maybe they can discover Jesus here and help you take the message back to their homeland?  YES!!! Chances are pretty high! (-:

We have unprecedented opportunities here in our own backyard to immerse ourselves in a foreign language and culture…to learn from others…to be lights in the darkness…to reach the unreached.  If you want to take such a journey, we’d love to partner with you!

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