Multigenerational Family Communities, Part 2

Multigenerational Family Community

(In my last post, Multigenerational Family Communities, we discussed the major theme of multigenerational families in Scripture and its great importance to the Kingdom of God. I’ll build on that post here.)

Six years ago my wife and I packed up our bags and moved from England to Southern California, where we have never lived, to join both our children in their families and their four children to learn how to build the Kingdom through multi-generational family. The early part of the journey has proved to be difficult, with one of the blessings being that my daughter and her husband have moved in with us with their first child (our fourth grandchild). Continue reading “Multigenerational Family Communities, Part 2”

Your Kingdom come…today!

There are days when the world’s problems can seem like too much.  If you are like me, there are days when I read current events and I feel slammed with a sea of stories filled with tragedy, disaster, and injustice.  Only wait a few more days, and we’ll have a fresh slew of information about human pain, tyranny, and death. As I read and hear more stories, humanity’s problems can seem endless, and any sense of reprieve seems unreachable.  And it’s so easy to try to drone out these stories and ignore the headlines, and live for me and pretend like these things don’t exist.

And yet… God promises that life in His Kingdom invades the evils of the world and the Devil. I am met with the burning question, how do I respond to the pain of this world, especially in light of my belief that God’s Kingdom exists on earth now? Continue reading “Your Kingdom come…today!”

You Are a Living Parable


You are a living parable.

We are living parables.

As we are well aware, Jesus regularly taught in parables to explain the Kingdom of God. He used common, everyday stories to illustrate the nature and reality of the Kingdom, which he said “is at hand.” His disciples could relate to the stories he told, because they experienced those stories each day of their lives.

Continue reading “You Are a Living Parable”

Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 3]

(If you missed them, click to read Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, “Communities of the Kingdom of God.”)

A Strong Kingdom Is Made of Many Different Types of Communities

But the point is that there are likely a myriad of different types of communities which serve to promote and strengthen the Kingdom of God. Each community needs to be built to suit and serve the ones who are living out their lives in that Kingdom community and against the backdrop of the particular darkness they face. Continue reading “Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 3]”

Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 2]

This is Part 2 in our series “Communities of the Kingdom of God”. If you missed Part 1 check it out here.

Different types of Communities are required to make strong Kingdoms
If we think of an earthly kingdom, we realize that healthy kingdoms are made up of a number of different types of smaller communities. The most impressive of these is probably the “city on a hill”. There is no question that fortressed cities are indeed impressive, as I have seen in my living in Europe and travelling throughout the Middle-East. Jerusalem in Jesus’ time was very impressive to the apostles when they were with him. Continue reading “Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 2]”

Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 1]

Communities of the Kingdom of God

For many believers, the Kingdom of God is synonymous with “The Church”, and the only valid expression of a Kingdom Community would be churches.  For a long time I held this view. But as I have studied the Scriptures in light of the experience of walking with Jesus in many communities over decades, I have come to the conclusion that there are probably many different expressions of Communities of the Kingdom of God. Continue reading “Communities of the Kingdom of God [Part 1]”