Spiritual Treasure Hunting in England

Story by Alban Wellspringtreasure-hunting-in-england

Going on spiritual “treasure hunts” has been a creative way to reach out to people with God’s love. We learned about this prayer method from the book, “The Ultimate Treasure Hunt” by Kevin Dedmond. It has given us opportunity to help people experience a powerful encounter with our loving God.

Doing spiritual treasure hunts is a simple process that is easy to learn. First, we pray and ask God for clues and write them down. The clues fall into five categories: location, names, appearance, prayer need, and unusual. Then we go out in teams, looking for people who specifically match the descriptions. When we find someone who matches our clues, we talk with them and offer to pray for them. Continue reading “Spiritual Treasure Hunting in England”

Stepping Out and Saying Hello: Building Cross-Cultural Friendships, Part 2

Before Jesus ascended into heaven, he instructed his followers that as they were going about, they should be discipling all of the ethnic groups of the world (Matthew 28:19). Most of us who follow Jesus are familiar with this passage. But for most, it is pretty intimidating to think of reaching beyond our own ethnic group, our own cultural comfort zone, and initiating meaningful relationships with people from other groups. But without that barrier crossing, there will be no discipling of all nations….and Jesus will not be treasured by all peoples…and he will not receive the honor and glory he deserves. Continue reading “Stepping Out and Saying Hello: Building Cross-Cultural Friendships, Part 2”

Seeking Peace

This past month was the month of Ramadan.  I attended a “peace-building event” that brought together Christians and Muslims during this fasting month as a way to build friendship and understanding between people from these two faith communities.  The event, with about half Christians and half Muslims, was an opportunity to come together, learn from one another, and eat a meal together. Continue reading “Seeking Peace”

Your Kingdom come…today!

There are days when the world’s problems can seem like too much.  If you are like me, there are days when I read current events and I feel slammed with a sea of stories filled with tragedy, disaster, and injustice.  Only wait a few more days, and we’ll have a fresh slew of information about human pain, tyranny, and death. As I read and hear more stories, humanity’s problems can seem endless, and any sense of reprieve seems unreachable.  And it’s so easy to try to drone out these stories and ignore the headlines, and live for me and pretend like these things don’t exist.

And yet… God promises that life in His Kingdom invades the evils of the world and the Devil. I am met with the burning question, how do I respond to the pain of this world, especially in light of my belief that God’s Kingdom exists on earth now? Continue reading “Your Kingdom come…today!”

Welcome to Los Angeles!

Nearly 80 years ago, my grandmother immigrated from Asia to settle in Southern California. Her family was a minority in their neighborhood, and quickly had to adapt to the American culture around them.  Over the decades, hundreds of thousands of immigrants have come to LA to start a new life.  Some like her were escaping war and poverty; others have come though they are wealthy and influential in their home country in pursuit of the balmy California weather or business opportunities.   Today, LA has more than 300 ethnic groups, and a recent study by USC noted that approximately 3.5 million immigrants call Los Angeles County home, which is more than a third of the total population! For those of us living here, there is endless opportunity to meet people literally from all over the world. Continue reading “Welcome to Los Angeles!”

You Are a Living Parable


You are a living parable.

We are living parables.

As we are well aware, Jesus regularly taught in parables to explain the Kingdom of God. He used common, everyday stories to illustrate the nature and reality of the Kingdom, which he said “is at hand.” His disciples could relate to the stories he told, because they experienced those stories each day of their lives.

Continue reading “You Are a Living Parable”

Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 5)


By Dick Scoggins

Dennis has been one of my most important sponsors, and one of the best examples of apostolic sponsors I know. He is a businessman who decided to follow Jesus during the time I was helping establish Kingdom communities in Rhode Island. Dennis is one of the most passionate, generous leaders I have ever met, and wanted to do apostolic work; however, God had clearly anointed him as a businessman to keep other apostles “on the job.” Continue reading “Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 5)”

Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 4)


By Dick Scoggins

In the early 1980s, I began sponsoring a young Ph.D. student at Brown University who wanted to go do Kingdom work cross-culturally. He and his wife launched out with a new, inexperienced non-profit organization. Interestingly enough, in 1985, this young man introduced me to some leaders from his organization, Greg and Tim, who became my mentors and sponsors. Continue reading “Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 4)”

Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 3)


By Dick Scoggins

When Dave saw that I was committed to new, innovative ways of church planting, he got me in touch with a number of his friends, and encouraged me to write them and see if they might coach and mentor me. I wrote several letters (this was long before the email era) and got a reply from only one man, George Patterson. Continue reading “Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 3)”

Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 2)

Sponsors (1)

By Dick Scoggins

Dave was the senior pastor of the first church I attended and he sponsored me to be the college and career leader among Brown University students. After 4 years, the church asked me to leave my teaching position so I could devote myself to starting a new church. Dave had actively sponsored and supported me through the maze of church politics until I was appointed as an elder and ultimately sent out to start their sister church. Continue reading “Sponsors: A Crucial Support System (Part 2)”