Going beyond…here.


About three years ago, my wife and I moved our family to an area of the United States often referred to as “Little Arabia.” There is a noticeable number of Arab immigrants living in the area, a majority of them from Muslim families. They have come from parts of the world where few followers of Jesus exist, and where they do, there is often significant persecution, imprisonment and, on occasion, even death for following Jesus. Our particular apartment complex is rather diverse, and we, as White Americans, are definitely the minority. Our neighbors have come from all over the world…Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, India, Korea, the Philippines, Mexico, Guatemala, Iraq, Sri Lanka, Syria, Norway, Afghanistan, and more. Most don’t know Jesus and the blessings of his Kingdom. Continue reading “Going beyond…here.”

A great post from Missiologically Thinking

churchA big part of Kingdom work is networking with other people, ministries, agencies, networks, etc. In the Guild, we place a high value on sharing resources and learning from each other. So from time to time we would like to introduce you to other ministries and resources that we feel are valuable in equipping us to reach the lost with Christ’s Good News. Here is an excellent post from J. D. Payne’s blog, Missiologically Thinking, which is in beautiful alignment with much of our thinking in the Guild. Be blessed! And feel free to visit J. D.’s blog and Follow his posts.

Reaching the World’s Most Reached People Groups

What would happen if a mission agency started advertising their mission statement as: to plant churches among the world’s most reached people groups? Continue reading “A great post from Missiologically Thinking”

Learning Environments for Apostolic Apprentices [Part 4]

This is the fourth and final part of our series Learning Environments for Apostolic Apprentices. At the end of this post there is a link to download the entire paper containing all four parts.

3. Living within the context of the germinating new community

The third environment we have found important is for the apostle to live in the context of the community in which they are trying to be incarnational.  The apostle Paul talks about “becoming all things to all men that by all means he might reach some”. This involved him leaving his beloved Jewish community (a Pharisee community at that) and actually learning to live as a Gentile culturally. Sometimes it is difficult to know where culture ends and Kingdom morality begins.  The only way to find out is to get immersed in the context of the community with the help of older apostles who have struggled through similar issues. Often this is quite an emotional journey, as it must have been for Peter visiting Cornelius’ house in Acts 10. Continue reading “Learning Environments for Apostolic Apprentices [Part 4]”