I was interested in exploring what it might look like for Jesus to be known within a Hindu
community, so I joined a Hindu focused Meetup group in the Fall of 2014. I loved my experience
with the Guild. Our time together on Thursday nights provided space to share food, talk about
experiences that week with Hindu friends, pray together, and ask questions such as, “What
assumptions do I carry about church or the Gospel, of which the Bible says nothing about?” or
“What does it look like to faithfully walk alongside a Hindu as he/she explores the teachings and
person of Jesus?” Throughout our meetings, I wrestled with how to authentically communicate
my identity and mission. Do I call myself a Christian? How might a Hindu hear that label? I
settled on understanding myself as one who has devoted her life to Jesus. What about words
like “missionary” and “evangelism?” No matter what one calls it, I realized I care about
individuals and their communities knowing and loving one another and God more deeply. Don’t
pass up an opportunity to be a part of the Guild! From my experience, Meetup groups provide
mentorship in processing religious/cultural experiences and space for discernment of how God
may be calling you as a witness for Jesus alongside Hindus, Buddhists, or Muslims. Such a
valuable experience!

― Nicole – 2nd Year M.Div Student at Fuller