I moved to California to join the Guild in an Arab community. My desire was to be in a location, with other like-minded people preparing hands-on for what the Father was calling me to long term. Begin to get my feet wet. Even though I am in my own country, there is something that happens when you intentionally put yourself in a place, away from your comfort and your norm that allows the Spirit to move in ways he could not before. Through living with the people, spending my days in their homes, developing levels of trust that don’t come easily, and doing this in community with other like minded followers of Jesus has allowed me to process, grow, and be challenged in a whole new way. Values of The Guild that I really appreciate and love are being an aggressive humble learner, passion of the team to walk in active intimacy with Jesus, and the combination of being strategic and purposeful in your connections and relationships while not loosing sight of God’s being relational and his love and care for each person.

― Nellie – Guild Apprentice