If you are like me, you’ve heard the creation story dozens of times. The story goes that God creates a beautiful planet, lots of animals, and the first couple, Adam and Eve.  Then the serpent (a.k.a. Satan) gets Adam and Eve to sin, they get in trouble with God, and God kicks them out of the garden.  Roll credits.

However, I recently heard the story brought to life in a whole new way.  I can now see much deeper into this ancient tale of humanity’s beginning and how much it has implications for us and our purposes on earth now.  So, for a moment, enter into the story like you’ve never heard it before.

Beauty and Power Bestowed

God creates an amazing, endless universe.  Within it he crafts a planet filled with beauty and thriving with life.  Pouring down power and glory, he fills it with an abundance of color, design, and intricacy.  He constructs an infinite numbers of creatures that swim, fly, and crawl amidst magnificent trees, plants, and breath-taking landscapes. This planet is a place of adventure and intrigue, but lacks anyone to cultivate and develop it.

Then, God in his ingenuity designs two incredible beings, Adam and Eve.  They are modeled after him, filled with love, creativity, and goodness. They are in perfect connection with each other and with God.  Though distinct from one another, they are made just right for each other.  And even better, his plan for them is to run his glorious planet.  

With the advent of Adam and Eve’s existence, God gives them the keys to his Kingdom.  He believes that they are capable of taking care of all the beauty he made and making things blossom and grow. As people made to be like him, it gives him delight to give them responsibility to do his work.  With these keys, he entrusts them with responsibility and power to have children and develop a whole society of beings who can govern the animals, cultivate the land, and invent all kinds of things just like God had.

In this first relationship between God and people, there exists true love, total trust, and perfect communication. Adam and Eve feel invincible. They have purpose set up by God, they have each other, and they feel like nothing can stop them from the tasks God has given them.

That is, until a new character arrives at the scene: the Enemy.

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